Summer Ideas For You and Your Loved Ones

Jun 23rd, 2017

As your elderly loved ones find it more and more difficult to get out and about, it can be challenging to find activities you can easily do together. Fortunately, spending time outside in the summer can be easier than you think and there are many activities you can do to enjoy the weather together. Soaking up the sun and increasing your vitamin D levels will boost both of your moods.



Spend Time Outdoors

Gardening is one of the best activities to share with your loved one because – believe it or not – digging in the dirt has real psychological and physiological benefits. Weed a flower bed together or snap fresh garden peas; it will certainly be a relaxing time. If everyone is feeling up to it, take a walk in the woods. Trees carry so much history and it is easy to have a great conversation on a stroll. If you are feeling hungry, try eating al fresco. Having a picnic outside at a favorite local park can bring back fond memories.


Attend a Community Event

If your elderly loved one is an outgoing person, find a community event the two of you can enjoy together this summer. See a parade to enjoy the old cars and watch the kids dash for candy. Find a free outdoor concert to park your camp chair and listen to music. Local art festivals also offer beautiful sights and delicious foods.



Become an Animal Lover

Being around animals is also proven to be a mood booster. Visit the humane society and pet the dogs, take them for a walk, or play with them in the yard. Go to the zoo and explore together and learn new things about animals you’ve never heard of, or simply watch the birds near the water! The therapeutic benefits of being in touch with animals are undeniable.  


These ideas for enjoying summer with your elderly loved one are easy to do and will certainly create memories for you both to share. Enjoying the warm weather can be as simple as a park picnic or weeding the flowers. Make time for your loved one this summer and cherish those moments you have together.