Holiday Craft Projects Using Natural Objects

Dec 4th, 2017

Looking for a way you can gift handmade items with little cost? These holiday craft projects are easy to make and combine the love of the outdoors with the fun of creating! Get outside and utilize these natural objects in your next DIY craft.



Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This time of year, the pine trees drop all of their cones and they are easy to find with a quick walk in a mature neighborhood or wooded area. Collect these pine cones to make a bird feeder for outside your window. Martha Stewart details this craft on her website; you need only peanut butter, bird seed, and string. When it is hung, enjoy watching a variety of feathered friends just outside your window.


Transfer Photos to Rocks

If you find flat rocks such as river rock, you can put a photo or text on them with minimal expense! Using polycrylic or gel medium, you can transfer the photo from an image laser printed on regular paper to a rock. There is a step by step video tutorial on YouTube to show you the process. With this technique, you can make personalized mementos for all the loved ones on your list!



Branch Decor

Gathering vines and branches is best done in the late fall and early winter when the leaves are all gone and the branches are brittle from a few hard touches of frost. You can use grapevines, willow branches, or any other malleable and thin natural element to weave a wreath. You can also use straight branches from the lilacs you trimmed or wavy sticks from the backyard tree as vase filler when decorating! Spray paint these natural objects to add color and variety to a fun holiday craft.


These few ideas are just some of the ways you can utilize natural objects outside to make craft projects that are fun, relaxing, and even nice enough to give as a present! Try some of these holiday craft projects out this weekend.